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Riverside Apartments for saleYour dream home awaits
Oceanview Apartments for sale
Oceanview Apartments for sale
    Starting from $129,990*
    105 to 130 Square meters
    2 & 3 Bedrooms / 2 Bathrooms
Seaview Apartments for sale
Seaview Apartments for sale
    Starting from $189,990
    160 to 180 Square meters
    3 Bedrooms / 3 Bathrooms
Amanda Crest Apartments for sale in Amchit, Lebanon
Amanda Crest Apartments for sale in Amchit, Lebanon
    Starting from $299,990*
    230 to 400 Square meters
    3 Bedrooms / 3 Bathrooms

Blueprint: save up to $36,000
Oceanview: up to $7,000 OFF
Amanda Crest: up to $36,000 OFF

Seaview Apartments: 85% SOLD OUT! Amanda Crest Apartments:
Block B: Sold out. Completed
Block C & D: Completed - 60% sold out.

Luxurious Villas at New Halat from $595,990.
Built to order. Call today at 03-606-253.

St. Moritz at the Cedars

Chalets in planning phase. Starting at $89,990. More soon...

Seaview 2 completed
85 m2 starting at $116,990

Byblos Homes® - Domus Pro Vita™ Welcome to Byblos Homes

Welcome to Byblos Homes, Lebanon's premier homebuilder. For over 40 years, Byblos Homes has designed and built new homes with you in mind. 

Whether an apartment (condominium), townhome or single family house, each new home is built with a commitment to quality, comfort and affordability. Using innovative technology and eco-friendly building materials, Byblos Homes is committed to leading Lebanon in energy efficient homebuilding.

We take homebuilding seriously, mindful that for most people, a house is the biggest and most important investment they'll ever make. Our goal is to build you a home, a Home for Life™.

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Seaview Apartments for sale in Amchit-Hosrayel, LebanonAmanda Crest Apartments for sale in Amchit, Lebanon
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